Appleosophy Media Announces TechPod Social — marketing and digital online presence agency

Austin, Texas — June 15, 2023 — Appleosophy Media today announced TechPod Social, a groundbreaking new online digital social media agency which moves with your brand in an agile way.

“We are proud to announce TechPod Social, founded on the idea of providing quality marketing services and social media management at an affordable cost,” said Holden Satterwhite, the Chief Executive Officer of Appleosophy Media. “We can’t wait to start working with your brands and taking them to the next level.”

TechPod Social connects your brand with our trained product experts which connect your brand with a wider audience. Our breakthrough plans are suited to any type of brand with a Business Plan, which includes professional content strategy tools and data trends, backlink scouting, keyword research, SEO performance management, and more, while the individual plans are best suited for smaller brands with content optimization tips and follower retention tools to help your brand connect to the audiences which matter.

TechPod Social plans are flexible and agile and are perfectly suited to both smaller and growing brands alike.

Our individual plan includes services to take your smaller projects to the next level. For only US $10 per month, TechPod social features management, analysis, and regulation of your online portfolios to help your brand grow organically.

Using TechPod Social, we can also connect your brand with other similar brands for reviews, collaborations, and more to engage your following base from our exclusive network.

For larger brands, we created the business plan, which includes powerful media relations services including reputation management, so you can keep in touch with your following in a connected, trusted, professional way like never before. This plan also extends the standard experience with website editing services to keep your brand identity fluid across all social media mediums, whilst our powerful videography tools include custom voiceover services from trained experts to connect your customers in unique ways.

TechPod Social will be available for brands and creators to register their interest in services and purchase services starting June 25, and select brands and creators will be contacted on or after June 15 if we are interested in working with you earlier.

You can visit to learn more about TechPod Social.

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