Appleosophy was founded in April of 2015 under the name Apple Tech News and Rumors by Holden Satterwhite and Christopher Grainger, who came together with the united passion of creating content about technology. From this, they developed a minor team and had daily articles being published on online and on Instagram.

Appleosophy has an approximated reach of 3 million across all platforms. Our most prominent platforms are our main website and Instagram, however, all our content is delivered on one united system, meaning our posts reach all our media channels.

Here at Appleosophy, there are more than 14 dedicated employees that all help provide special skills and input into the day-to-day operations of Appleosophy. All employees can be found below, each with their specific roll within Appleosophy.

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  • Apple is re-releasing app updates to likely fix family sharing bug May 25, 2020
    Users who have recently updated to iOS 13.5 have noticed a bug where they are prevented from launching applications. The bug prevented users from opening applications with a “This app is no longer shared with you. To use it, you must. buy it from the App Store.” pop-up. Read More
  • Apollo for Reddit gets a major update May 24, 2020
    Apollo is one of the most popular third-party Reddit apps on the App Store and it received a huge update this weekend for users. The newest version, Version 1.8 includes the following, according to the update provided by the app developer, Christian Selig: “Version 1.8 of Apollo for Reddit makes numerous improvements to the media […]

Holden Satterwhite

CEO, Founder

Praveen Nagaraj


Henley Garcia

Web Developer

Emilio Morales


Christopher Grainger

COO, Co-Founder

Jayden Thompson

Head Designer

Brahm Shank

Media Coordinator

Pururaj Dutta


David Becker


Brandon Lowman

Post Designer

Jing Moreno


Dylan Posselt



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