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  • Updated Privacy Policy coming into effect on May 28, 2019 May 21, 2019
    AUSTIN, TEXAS — We would like to notify you that we updated our privacy policy. This privacy policy now covers Appleosophy Media, Appleosophy, and Appleosophy brands. You can view the updated privacy policy on the Appleosophy Media website and it will be coming into effect on May 28, 2019. The new Privacy Policy is also
  • Appleosophy Media gives a first preview of the TechPod News website May 17, 2019
    AUSTIN, TEXAS — Today we would like to give you a first preview of the TechPod News website. TechPod News is the website for all of the latest and greatest tech news. TechPod News will be joining Appleosophy Media as an Appleosophy brand. Gadgets TechPod News will report on all sorts of gadgets from all
  • Appleosophy Media, Software Network, and LAN Media agree to drop all litigation May 17, 2019
    Agreement ends all ongoing litigation, including with Software Network’ contracted partners Companies have reached an agreement to drop all contention between Software Network and LAN Media Austin, Texas and Los Angeles , California — Software Network and Appleosophy today agreed to drop any ongoing contention and litigation surrounding the partner merge which was cancelled in
  • Appleosophy removes Repost Policy; letting anyone repost its own Instagram content May 15, 2019
    AUSTIN, TEXAS — Today we would like to make some major changes to the Appleosophy Repost Policy for Instagram accounts reposting our content without giving credit. Before, if someone reposted an Appleosophy post without showing the logo or tagging us we asked the accounts to remove the post, and if the account refuses we will
  • Appleosophy Media CEO joins the ‘Sad Boy Hours’ Podcast May 12, 2019
    AUSTIN, TEXAS — Appleosophy Media CEO ‘Holden Satterwhite’ joined the ‘Sad Boy Hours’ podcast hosted by Will Sharp, for a special episode discussing topics such as how Appleosophy was started, the present day Appleosophy, and what’s next for the company. The ‘Sad Boy Hours’ podcast is available on your favorite podcast platforms such as Apple