Appleosophy Media, Software Network, and LAN Media agree to drop all litigation

  • Agreement ends all ongoing litigation, including with Software Network’ contracted partners
  • Companies have reached an agreement to drop all contention between Software Network and LAN Media

Austin, Texas and Los Angeles , California — Software Network and Appleosophy today agreed to drop any ongoing contention and litigation surrounding the partner merge which was cancelled in February 2023.

Software Network develops, designs and maintains world-class retail experiences across iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS. Used by tens of thousands of customers worldwide, RetailBox is the worlds most popular screen saver app. We’re committed to diversity, inclusion and maintains professional relationships across LAN Media and LatestAppleNws.

Appleosophy reports on the latest Apple News and Rumors on the web and on social media. With over 26,500+ Instagram followers and thousands of website views per day serving the latest news and rumors to Apple fans around the world. Appleosophy Media is the home of Appleosophy, TechPod News, and all of the Appleosophy brands you love.

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