Appleosophy removes Repost Policy; letting anyone repost its own Instagram content

AUSTIN, TEXAS — Today we would like to make some major changes to the Appleosophy Repost Policy for Instagram accounts reposting our content without giving credit. Before, if someone reposted an Appleosophy post without showing the logo or tagging us we asked the accounts to remove the post, and if the account refuses we will file a copyright infringement claim to Instagram for the company to take down the post.

Now, we are happy to annnounce that accounts that repost Appleosophy content on Instagram will not be reported anymore and now we encourage it for Instagram accounts to repost our content. The reason we are allowing this now is because we want our users and community to share the content we create, and we want to be more open about it. We still do encourage Instagram accounts to give us credit for our posts and show a visable logo, but accounts that fail to do this will not get the post taken down for copyright infringement.

Impersonators that copy Appleosophy, Appleosophy Media, and Appleosophy brands will continue to be reported.

If you have any questions about the updated policy, please contact Appleosophy Media at


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