Appleosophy Media introduces TechPod News

AUSTIN, TEXAS —- Appleosophy Media today announced TechPod News, at it’s ‘The Future, The News event”. TechPod News is the website for all of the latest and greatest tech news. TechPod News will be joining Appleosophy Media as an Appleosophy brand.

“At Appleosophy Media, we want to expand the content we create for our readers, followers, and subscribers. We’re very excited to announce TechPod News to let the world know what the next chapter will be for Appleosophy / Appleosophy Media. TechPod News will offer amazing content focused on the tech industry, future technology, and gadgets of the future.” - Holden Satterwhite (CEO, Appleosophy Media)

“This is an exciting new venture for us and I’m happy it’s happening. Appleosophy was limiting from reporting on true tech news and hopefully this is the answer to our intentions of delivering the latest tech news to many of our subscribers across all of our platforms!” - Chris Graigner (COO, Appleosophy Media)


TechPod News will report on all sorts of gadgets from all over the world. New, Old, Discounted, and unqiue.

Tech News

TechPod News reports on Tech News from the major tech companies such as Google, Microsoft, Tesla, Amazon, small startup companies, and more.

Future Tech

TechPod News will report on future technology that can make an impact in today’s world, and impact our future.


TechPod News will review tech big and small so you can make the right choice if the product is the right choice for you.


TechPod News will be available Late 2023 with a exact date announced on Appleosophy Newsroom in the future. TechPod News will start reporting on it’s website, Apple News, Google News, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and more platforms coming in the future. You may also signup for news and announcements on the TechPod News website, so you can be the first to know about the updates and announcements regarding TechPod News.


Appleosophy Media will be looking for people to join the TechPod Team starting next week. If you would like to join the TechPod News team, please visit the Appleosophy Media website.


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