David Becker joins Appleosophy Executive Team as Chief Content Officer

AUSTIN, TEXAS — Appleosophy is proud to announce that Appleosophy Writer David Becker will now step into a new position as Chief Content Officer (CCO). Beckers job is to oversee the Appleosophy Writers team for our website appleosophy.com and to manage the content Appleosophy creates.

“I’m really excited for David to join the Appleosophy Executive Team and can’t wait on how he can help create the company better in the future”

- Holden Satterwhite (CEO, Appleosophy)

“I am proud to be a part of the executive team. I hope that me being here can help out Appleosophy and so that we can achieve our goals, and hopefully make Apple news great again.”

- David Becker (CCO, Appleosophy)

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