Statement from Appleosophy Media’s CEO Holden Satterwhite, PR and Relations for Appleosophy Media Brahm Shank, and Writer/ Reporter McGuire Wood regarding the recent issues with Twitter Leaker LeaksApplePro.

To the members of the tech community, Appleosophy Media Team, followers, readers, supporters and friends,

At Appleosophy we’ve always made it our goal to contribute to the production of meaningful content in the tech space. By consistently challenging the status quo we’ve fostered a culture that nurtures novel ideas and inspires people from all over the world to articulate their thoughts constructively. While we believe in elevating the voices of those who share a space with us in this community, we often have to think very carefully about our decisions and stay true to our values.

Yesterday, a special bonus episode of Appleosophy Weekly was scheduled to begin recording. Our intent was to conduct a thorough and professionally-driven interview with Twitter personality and self- proclaimed leaker LeaksApplePro (LAP). This planned Q&A session was prompted by a series of events carried out between Appleosophy Journalist McGuire Wood (Jioriku), and LAP on Twitter. We had justified the recording of this episode as an opportunity to help calm the ongoing controversies fostered by LAP through candid discussion and mutual understanding.

Leading up to the recording LAP pivoted his interests toward further discounting, belittling, bullying, and defaming prominent & respected members of the Apple leaks/rumors community. Introducing this level of hate and vitriol to the community does not align with our values and it signals to us that LAP does not intend to move forward in the direction we had hoped. That is why we as a team decided to cancel the episode before it began its scheduled recording.

We are well aware that many of our listeners were looking forward to this episode and for that we apologize. While we continue to elevate our content it is important that we always assess the impact it will have on the community and never compromise on our values.

We at Appleosophy Media hope this message brought forth a level of transparency and clarity surrounding our decision.

To LeaksApplePro, we welcome you to reach out once more when your values and actions align with those of Appleosophy Media in addition to those of the Apple leaks/rumors community.

Thank you for remaining patient with us as we continue to learn. With each day we are gaining ground toward the high standards that we set for ourselves. We hope to be a positive example for aspiring creators, influencers, and enthusiasts everywhere.

Please stay safe, and have a wonderful day.

- Holden Satterwhite, Brahm Shank, and McGuire Wood of Appleosophy