Appleosophy announces coverage plans for the Apple March 25th event

AUSTIN, TEXAS — Appleosophy is proud to announce the coverage plans we have for Apple’s March 25th event. We will be doing live coverage of the event on all of our social media platforms, and the Appleosophy website, which will include a live blog of the event for people unable to watch it.

Social Media Coverage

Appleosophy will cover Apple’s March 25th event on all of our social media platforms which include Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. It won’t be the fastest coverage but, if your looking for faster coverage be sure to visit our website for website coverage and live blog.

Website Coverage and Live Blog

Appleosophy will be covering the event on our website as our team writes articles about the March 25th event, for people that want coverage right away, Appleosophy will have a live blog that will be available.

Countdown and more infomation

Countdown of the Apple March 25th event is available on

We’re committed to hosting the best coverage that we could possibly do and we can’t wait for you to join us. We will also have additional writers and team members to help cover this event.

*This press release may update with new information as we are still perpairing for coverage of Apple’s March 25th event.

Appleosophy pulls Appleosophy Weekly podcast from Spotify

HOUSTON, TEXAS — Appleosophy Media has decided to remove the Appleosophy Weekly podcast from Spotify. The reason this decision was made was with the recent drama this week with Apple and Spotify. We do not agree with Spotify’s campaign. Another reason why we decided to pull the podcast from Spotify was that we believe that Spotify’s platform isn’t simply for us.

Appleosophy Weekly will be removed from Spotify within the next few days. The podcast is still available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Amazon Alexa, and more platforms.

Introducing the Appleosophy NowNeural series, helpful tips and how-to’s for your Apple devices

AUSTIN, TEXAS — Appleosophy would like to announce a new video series called Appleosophy NowNeural. The series that brings helpful tips, tricks, and how-to’s videos for Mac and iOS.


This series will be feature helpful tricks, tips, and even how-to videos so you can get the full potential out of your Apple devices and to learn something new that you haven’t before.


This show will be available on YouTube and as a video podcast available on Apple Podcasts and will be coming to more podcast platforms in the spring.

The first episode of Appleosophy NowNeural will be rolling out today, and episodes will release every two weeks on a Monday.

Appleosophy Instagram hits 25,000 followers

AUSTIN, TEXAS — We are proud to announce that we reached 25,000 followers on Instagram. Appleosophy is proud to reach this goal and we can’t wait what to look forward to moving on in the future.

“I remember when Appleosophy only had 100 followers. Now looking back today, it’s amazing to see us have 25,000 followers. I thank everyone who made this possible and the Appleosophy Team.”

Holden Satterwhite (CEO, Appleosophy)


Updates about Appleosophy Media

AUSTIN, TEXAS — We would like to announce some small great updates about our new Appleosophy Media brand. Appleosophy Media is the home of your favorite Appleosophy brands and services such as Appleosophy, Appleosophy Merchandise, Appleosophy Weekly, and more.

Website Updates:

First off, we would like to announce that we made some updates to the Appleosophy Media website.

Appleosophy Jobs

If your looking to join Appleosophy Media or one of the Appleosophy Brands, we have now moved the jobs page to the Appleosophy Media website instead of visiting We did this to offer Appleosophy jobs to all of the Appleosophy brands and services. Appleosophy is always working for new and talented people to work for the brand.


Appleosophy Media now has a dedicated place where you can learn how to advertise with Appleosophy, and the places we offer advertising for your brand or company that would like to work with us. If your brand is interested in advertising with Appleosophy Media or Appleosophy brands, you can visit the new contact us page on the Appleosophy Media website.

New Domain Name

As we are expanding Appleosophy Media to the next level, we have moved where you can access the Appleosophy Media website. Instead of visiting you can now visit the website at

Other Appleosophy Media Website Changes

Some other website changes we made is a new contact page, leadership page, and a page with our values at Appleosophy Media and Appleosophy brands.

New Appleosophy Media Merchandise:

Appleosophy Media would like to introduce some new merchandise we now available now on the Appleosophy Merchandise store. We have Appleosophy Media shirts, mugs, and jackets available on the Appleosophy Merchandise and with more stuff coming later this year.

The future of Appleosophy Media:

Last thing. We would like to give you an update about the future of Appleosophy Media. As you know, Appleosophy Media is the home of Appleosophy Brands. We want to grow and offer great content to our readers, followers, and subscribers. Appleosophy Media is currently working on new brands and working with brands to partner with, to expand our network. If you believe that your brand is perfect for Appleosophy Media, please visit our contact page on the Appleosophy Media website.

That’s all of the updates we have right now at the time. We will have some more updates to share later this year that we know you will love.

Holden Satterwhite (CEO/Founder of Appleosophy Media)

Eddie Vann (PR Communications)