Introducing the new Appleosophy Merchandise Store, with ne​​w design, new products, and now accepts Apple Pay

AUSTIN, TEXAS — Today we’re happy to announce the new and updated Appleosophy Merchandise Store, featuring a new design. The store follows the same style design as the new Appleosophy Media website and

Apple Pay

We’re proud to announce that the Appleosophy Merchandise store now accepts Apple Pay. This feature has been requested by many customers and followers and we are happy to now add this feature. You can simply pay with Apple Pay from your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac. If you have a device that does not support Apple Pay or you would not like to use that option to pay, you may pay with PayPal, Credit Card, or Debit card.

New Design

The store features a new design as it makes it easier to order items from the store.

Updated Products

We have updated some of the products of the merchandise store. We are happy to announce that all unisex shirts we sell on the store now feature a new stronger material than ever before. The unisex shirts start at $15. We have discontinued the old shirt material as we want the best material for our customers. We only sell one Appleosophy Logo Shirt with the old material as a cheaper option for customers that want a budget shirt.

We will have new designs available on the store throughout the year and will be adding more items to the store soon. If you have an idea for a design please contact us. Some items that you saw on the old merchandise store that are not available on the new store has either been discontinued or will be added back by the end of February 2023. We will also be adding more Apple inspired designs to the store.

New Merch

Available Early March 2023, Appleosophy Media merchandise will be available to purchase from the store.

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